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Healthy environments for the workplace and home.





Living Green® provides interior plants for commercial and residential customers in the Intermountain West. With 37 years leading the industry, we design, install, and care for live foliage. Plants are nature's purifiers and a cost-effective solution to improve indoor air quality (NASA 2012). Plants decrease air toxins and improve employee wellbeing and production. Located in Idaho's Treasure Valley, Living Green® is an award-winning, interior-landscape service provider for the home and office. 



From multi-acre corporate campuses to private homes, our expert staff designs custom interiorscapes to fit our client's needs. 


We create healthy, productive, and beautiful interior environments with plants.

— Founder, Kathy Spencer



    Weekly maintenance plans with Living Green® come with a 100% guarantee. Living Green Professional Interiorscapers are trained and insured to meet the highest quality standards. 


    Savings & Benefits

    Living Green works to make your company energy efficient and carbon neutral. We specialize in SMART interior environments to increase health, worker productivity and profitability. Clean Air is a driving factor for commercial productivity. Live plants reduce fatigue, absenteeism and headaches by lowering VOC emissions through transpiration. Living Green offers a wide variety of interior foilage and service options to help your company meet and exceed healthy indoor air quality standards.